District 1 

Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux

Age: 17

Appereance: Unlike most District 1 inhabitants he has pale skin and black hair with very dark brown eyes.

Personality: Zaph is a killing machine and the fact that he is homosexual and that many people don't accept him the way he is makes him try to appear even more aggressive so he can get accepted into the career pack. But under the layers of metal that had been created to be feared, the killing machine feels pain because the deaths of other tributes.

Weapon: Dagger and spear.

Backstory: Zaph had lived all his life in District 1 he was bullied for the fact that he was different physically from other inhabitants of the district. Also he was bullied for his sexuality. He had to work twice as much training as a careers to be noticed since people tried to avoid him for the fact that he was gay. He once was an inoccent kid but over the years of training he became aggressive and somebody that you should not pick up a fight with. 

Strengths: He is a strong and good at climbing.

Weakness: He is really bad at swimming and he may get attached to some people too much.