Name: Clary Tin

District: 3

Age: 14

Personality: Clary in general is quiet, optimistic and sweet. She has her times in which she could talk on and on for hours but she prefers not to say anything, people often ask her why she doesn't speak and she always answers with the same reply. "I don't have anything to say." She has a bad side but it's hard to get her to really be angry to the point where she'll start yelling or cursing. She's also patient and reserved.

Backstory: Clary was born in District 3/5/7 to her mother Veronica Tin and her father Harrison Tin. Clary was always a single child and grew up watching her father work with machines, she learned a lot from him even though her mother preferred that she stayed away from dangerous machinery. She loved school and learning but only had one friend, Sara, who passed away when she was 9 of illness. After that Clary tried to stay positive about everything but refrained from making any more friends out of fear of getting hurt again. She spent the rest of her life until the age of 14 helping her dad with his work and spending time with her family.

She knew that she had a very high possibility of being reaped into the Games since her family was poor and they asked for food a lot, knowing this she always stayed happy and tried to make her town happy too. Everyone who knew Clary thought she was an inspiration for the town and that she could make everyones day. All of District 3 was devastated that Clary had been reaped into the games, and they all wish her the best of luck.

Weapon: Traps, bow and arrow. Clary prefers using traps to kill rather than hand-to-hand combat, she's not very strong but she's very clever and has good archery. She is especially good at using her mind to play tricks on other tributes. She doesn't need to ally with anyone, she works better alone but doesn't mind company.

Strengths: Clary is very skilled at making traps and thinking like the enemy, she can move quietly so people won't hear her when she's using her bow and arrow to shoot someone from far away. She's also very fast and good at hiding, but not flexible or agile.

Weakness: She's very bad at hand-to-hand combat (seeing as she isn't very strong) and using heavy weaponry such as axes, spears or swords. She prefers to attack from afar (with arrows). She's slow when it comes to climbing and can't swim.

Fears: She's deathly afraid of drowning and having to climb.

Family: Veronica Tin (mother), Harrison Tin (father), Sara Tin (sister).